Thursday, 14 January 2016

Why use a domain name generator

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With regards to a decent domain, everything relies on the way and so on. Your intended interest group doesn't see your item first; it sees the name and after that chooses whether it ought to change itself into leads for your business or not. Along these lines, organizations invest a considerable measure of energy in choosing an domain name for their organization. Domain Name Generator has increased enormous prevalence in the business sector for the sort of administration it gives the desiring business people. It helps in discovering significant domain names in as less as 10 seconds! The best part is – it just gives you accessible and remarkable unregistered names.

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On the off chance that you have a business, it must have a decent domain name connected to it. Everything rotates around the name you provide for your organization. Unless the name communicates what you are giving, the intended interest group can never be pulled to your items or administrations. The domain name must be sufficiently expressive to pull in the consideration of the perusers.

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Your domain name must be similar to a message to the gathering of people, on account of which your objective clients become acquainted with what sort of an item or administration you manage and what you have in your bushel to offer.

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Consider the possibility that you locate the absolute best domain name for your business subsequent to burning through three to four hours on it just to discover that the name is as of now being used. The best thing about Domain Name Generator is that it furnishes you with just those names that are not being used yet.

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Because of the Domain Name Generator, you get the chance to spare your time and spend it on alternate things to thrive your business in positive bearings. For the most part, business visionaries spend a great deal of their times in finding the ideal domain name for their organizations; yet on account of such an administration, the naming work is done in just a few moments

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Domain generators don't give you a solitary name; they permit you to investigate through various accessible alternatives. You can simply pick the best domain for your business and disregard the others.

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Monday, 17 March 2014

What Happened to Innovators? 
Why is it that people believe lets plays are a successful way to become famous? Why is it that people believe doing what everyone else is doing is going to make them become successful? See I believe theres two types of people in this world, there are followers, and there are innovators. I'm writing this paper based towards YouTube lets players. See, when you create content theres two things you need to bring into aspect before you become successful. First off, you need to decide what audience your trying to reach. Most people who create lets plays believe they are trying to create content for everyone. Thats the first mistake they make which inevitably leads to their failure. Second is what problem is the content their creating trying to solve for others. If you create lets plays and don't receive many views, its not because your content isn't good, its because the problem your trying to solve has already been solved. Said problem is that your trying to entertain someone, but this has already been done. Whats the difference between you and the other millions of lets players? You may say your "funny" or your a "great" gamer. But in realization 99% of the time your channel doesn't succeed. Its the truth, the sad truth that cannot be denied. 

So lets get in-depth a little more, what I'm trying to say is you can still do lets plays, but simply do something different. Solve a different problem. If you still don't understand let me try and explain it in a simpler example. Say if someone found the cure for cancer, developing or trying to find the same cure would stop all over the world. Someone wouldn't keep trying to develop that same cure, because whats the use? This is where you get into the littler things. See you can develop the cure for cancer, but differently. Maybe your cure is healthier for the human body, maybe your cure is cheaper and safer to manufacture. The point I'm trying to bring across is that basically everyone doing lets plays are trying to entertain a group of people who are already being entertained. They are being entertained by the people who started first. Thats why it would be near impossible to ever get the views and subscribers bigger YouTubers would get, due to the shear fact that they were first. They are reliable, if you had an option to watch an unknown YouTubers lets play, or a YouTubers lets play in which you've seen and been entertained by before. You'd obviously choose the one you've seen before, and the one your more comfortable with. In order to change the persons mind from clicking on the one their more comfortable with is you need to give them incentive, do something no one has done before. You start the new trend, you make people follow you, you innovate.

Finding the target audience is one of the most basic, but hardest concepts to bring across. When someone is trying to make content reach out to "everyone", they believe their gonna reach millions of views. This in realization will not work now a days with lets plays. Here's an example of what I'm trying to portray here. didn't start off by selling all types of commercial items. They started off by selling Web hosting services, like servers and website hosting. See, they reached out for a smaller audience of people who needed something, hence solving their problems. After they were able to grab a smaller audience, they had people to back them up. Here's an example in an example, if you were trying to build a wall, would it be easier to start all the way from the ground, with no materials and no workers? Or would you rather start wall that has progress put into it, materials already there, workers ready to work. Thats what amazon did, they understood that they had a small audience that had a problem in which amazon fixed it, and that audience would support them if they went into a different market. Not every single person would support them, but at least they had some people, rather then none at all. What I'm trying to get at here is you don't need to reach out for the general population, reach for something more specific. Then once you have an audience you can out reach more.
All I'm trying to say here is stand out of the crowd, be more then a follower, innovate. They aren't enough innovators in this world, and they are what develop the future. Innovators are those who are remembered. So ask yourself, do you want to stay a follower, or do you want to become an innovator.

- Justin L.

Friday, 3 January 2014

How To Become Famous On YouTube

How To Become Famous On YouTube
         So people have been asking themselves, how do you become successful on YouTube? Well I'm here to answer that. Many people have tried and failed to become famous or successful on youtube, by many I mean millions. Everyone with a cellphone or a camera these days can post on YouTube, but what puts them apart from everyone else. There are multiple ways to become successful on YouTube, and its something a lot of people do. You don't have to find a website using a domain name generator the become famous. For example, a huge margin of videos going up on Youtube are about gamers. Gamers post things called lets-plays, these are just videos of people playing video games. This is such a popular idea that millions upon millions of people do it. But what sets you apart from everyone else? If you had to choose one person out of a million people to watch for the rest of your life, you would choose an individual that is different, someone that entertains you. So here's the first thing I'm going to teach you today, other then the awesome cheat of the domain name generator. Find an idea that no has done before, something fresh. If you don' think this works then look at Miley Cyrus for example. You may think "Oh she is a nude girl on a wrecking ball", but really she is a genius. She made a video that was different then anything anyone has ever done before.  Now look at here results, millions of views, millions of followers. So find an idea that no one has done before and stick with it. I tried this once for myself, I posted videos on tutorials. These tutorials taught people how to install mods onto games. Unfortunately lots of people had done this before I started. So I decided to show how to install mods on Mac, not PC. No one had done this at the time. I was the only one doing it and I was getting that audience. My first mod installation video received 24k views. This is because I did something no one had attempted before. There was a lot more than what I have explained here but I just wanted to get the point across that new ideas are what make successful moments. Next, this is one idea that worked out so well for people, and the audience for this idea is so large, yet there are very full people doing it.

       Before you can blast your channel to the top, you must have the building blocks to support it. People come onto youtube starting with nothing and expect themselves to become successful. Like finding a good domain name, a great domain name generator will be awesome for your project: use this tool here domain name generatorBut that rarely ever works out for people. For example, for people who didn't know, started off as a web server hosting service. They didn't start directly selling thousands of different items online, they started out targeting a small audience of people. These are the building blocks of a business. Once Amazon had an audience of people (hundreds of thousands for example) they were able to start selling other products and they became successful because they existing customers knew about them. This fits directly into YouTube. Start off by doing something that attracts viewers, then once you get enough viewers from that idea, do your own content. One thing you could do is parodies. Make a parody of a popular music video, get a million views, in return get a couple thousand subscribers. Do this  a couple times and you will how thousands of subscribers who will watch your content. Then you can build from there.

I will be posting more information on here through out the years, I have pages upon pages of thoughts and ideas for becoming famous on YouTube. Please excuse my grammer, I'm only a 15 year old.
If you need to contact me heres my email :
Thanks for your time.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

How to make money on vine!

Make money fast with vine! I'm going to teach you how to make money with vine. Are you tired of putting so much hard work into making those 6 second vines and getting nothing out of it! Well this will change that completely! Lets get started. So many people have wondered how in the hell do you make money on vine? Well its extremely simple! You don't make money on vine! I'm guessing you never thought that was coming. Well actually that's not fully true, by that I actually mean you make money outside of the application, but you still need to use vine to make content. The main things I'm going to be talking about is social media sites and how they will be the huge factor on getting that cash money we all want. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and yes even our all time favorite Instagram will lift us off into the money making faze. You may think how is freaking Facebook going to make me money? Well actually you will be surprised how useful these websites are to you.
Lets start off with YouTube. YouTube is a great way to build a greater audience outside of Vine. The tough part is actually getting the video from vine to YouTube. But once you get it on to YouTube you can begin using something called Google adsense which allows you to put advertisements on your videos. This is a good way but very ineffective. Which goes to my next website, called, By that I mean can create your own website and post your videos on there. You will make more money off of Google adsense that way. You could also run the videos off of YouTube and post them on your website generating double to amount of money. The next way is Facebook, this is my least Favorite but it works. The reason why it's my least favorite is because Facebook is always shutting down Facebook pages for copy-right infringement and stuff like that. You can still make lots of money though through advertising. First you need to take the vine videos and post them on a Facebook page. Then bring your audience from vine and over to Facebook. Then once you get a large enough audience people will start contacting you asking you to advertise on your page by putting links to there products and stuff. This is a good way because there is such a large audience in the Facebook community that it can also drive more people to you on the Vine application. The next and may be the hardest but best way to make money off of vine is Twitter. If you have a large enough audience on vine bring them over to twitter. This is also like Facebook but much more effective. If you have a large enough audience on Twitter then people will start messaging you to advertise there stuff on your account by you posting links to their website or products. This is good because the advertisers pay good money for you to be posting those links on your page. Next is Vimeo. Vimeo is just like YouTube but different. You can run ads on your videos so just do what I said earlier. You can either post Vimeo or YouTube videos with ads, on or off of your website. Maybe even both if you want to be that rowdy. Next is instagram. Ok I was just kidding about that, but you it can help build your audience which can be nice. Next is merchandise. If you have an huge audience who loves you, you can sell T-shirts with your face on it, or other clothing like jackets and underwear. This is good because its kinda cheap and when people wear your clothing they advertise your vine channel. So basically yea that's it. If you enjoyed it please feel free to donate to me, this did take 2 hours to think of. Also I'm only 15 so sorry if I have moderite 2 ohk gramar. Hoped this helped thanks! ps. Will add more stuff to the website after I think of a few new tricks or ideas, but you wont know I added anything so yea. Bye.