Sunday, 7 July 2013

How to make money on vine!

Make money fast with vine! I'm going to teach you how to make money with vine. Are you tired of putting so much hard work into making those 6 second vines and getting nothing out of it! Well this will change that completely! Lets get started. So many people have wondered how in the hell do you make money on vine? Well its extremely simple! You don't make money on vine! I'm guessing you never thought that was coming. Well actually that's not fully true, by that I actually mean you make money outside of the application, but you still need to use vine to make content. The main things I'm going to be talking about is social media sites and how they will be the huge factor on getting that cash money we all want. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and yes even our all time favorite Instagram will lift us off into the money making faze. You may think how is freaking Facebook going to make me money? Well actually you will be surprised how useful these websites are to you.
Lets start off with YouTube. YouTube is a great way to build a greater audience outside of Vine. The tough part is actually getting the video from vine to YouTube. But once you get it on to YouTube you can begin using something called Google adsense which allows you to put advertisements on your videos. This is a good way but very ineffective. Which goes to my next website, called, By that I mean can create your own website and post your videos on there. You will make more money off of Google adsense that way. You could also run the videos off of YouTube and post them on your website generating double to amount of money. The next way is Facebook, this is my least Favorite but it works. The reason why it's my least favorite is because Facebook is always shutting down Facebook pages for copy-right infringement and stuff like that. You can still make lots of money though through advertising. First you need to take the vine videos and post them on a Facebook page. Then bring your audience from vine and over to Facebook. Then once you get a large enough audience people will start contacting you asking you to advertise on your page by putting links to there products and stuff. This is a good way because there is such a large audience in the Facebook community that it can also drive more people to you on the Vine application. The next and may be the hardest but best way to make money off of vine is Twitter. If you have a large enough audience on vine bring them over to twitter. This is also like Facebook but much more effective. If you have a large enough audience on Twitter then people will start messaging you to advertise there stuff on your account by you posting links to their website or products. This is good because the advertisers pay good money for you to be posting those links on your page. Next is Vimeo. Vimeo is just like YouTube but different. You can run ads on your videos so just do what I said earlier. You can either post Vimeo or YouTube videos with ads, on or off of your website. Maybe even both if you want to be that rowdy. Next is instagram. Ok I was just kidding about that, but you it can help build your audience which can be nice. Next is merchandise. If you have an huge audience who loves you, you can sell T-shirts with your face on it, or other clothing like jackets and underwear. This is good because its kinda cheap and when people wear your clothing they advertise your vine channel. So basically yea that's it. If you enjoyed it please feel free to donate to me, this did take 2 hours to think of. Also I'm only 15 so sorry if I have moderite 2 ohk gramar. Hoped this helped thanks! ps. Will add more stuff to the website after I think of a few new tricks or ideas, but you wont know I added anything so yea. Bye.


  1. Tumblr can help build an audience too.

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